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We appreciate ALL feedback, we are not always perfect but we are passionate. If there is anything at all you are not happy with we will ALWAYS come back and fix it.


We are so glad to have found your great service!

Its truly wonderful to enjoy our home since you have cleaned.You have done  a phenomenal job!! It looks  & feels wonderful..not just the "once over" quick job many companies do.

You are exceptional and truly sweet nice people.

Thank you again & I look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks. :)

Mrs R, via email


 My apologies for the delay in reply.  First off ... your work was absolutely fantastic and I could not be happier with how the house looked on Friday!  This really is a huge relief as I had my in-laws come into town on Saturday afternoon and it saved me some real grief.  I like all of the suggestions that you highlight below and December 19th works fantastic ... we will anticipate you then.

Mrs H, via email


"Good morning 
Just a note to thank you for a wonderful  clean on Friday! 
The ladies who did the cleaning were very conscientious and thorough and my house is still shining days later!
It was a real treat and enabled me to spend my weekend more productively instead of cleaning! 
I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone and I  know that you will be a great success in Naples!"

Kathy R, via email



Excellent!  I was really happy with the job you guys did for me so I’m glad we can continue to work together!

Dan R, via email



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