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IS YOUR CLEANING COMPANY COVERED FOR ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE OR INJURY? Homeowners may be on the hook for medical bills incurred by housekeepers who get injured in their homes. One lady found herself paying a few hundred dollars out of pocket two years ago when her previous housekeeper in California cut his hand trying to save a crystal vase from falling on the floor. She wasn’t aware until he got injured that he didn’t have insurance. The lady says she didn’t think to ask about his insurance status, since she originally hired him through a large cleaning company, but she says it’s a topic she wishes she had brought up sooner. While most homeowners insurance policies will cover injuries incurred by people on a property, many will limit coverage for someone who is considered an employee of the household, experts say. Some homeowners may find that it is easier to settle the bills privately, than to file a claim; that’s what the lady decided to do. But such an incident could leave them spending hundreds or thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. The Association of Residential Cleaning International says consumers should ask cleaning agencies if their housekeepers carry workers’ compensation insurance, which should cover any injuries workers might suffer while on the job. Some states will require companies to offer the coverage if they have a certain number of employees. Also ask whether the agencies carry general liability insurance, which should cover any damage a housekeeper might do to your property. Royal Maid Angels are covered by Workers Compensation, we carry full liability insurance and commercial vehicle insurance.

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