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What you need to ask when you are looking for a cleaning serivce.

Are they insured? You should ask to see their certificate of liability insurance and workers compensation for employees. You don't want any nasty accidents on your policy. If you are employing a company, are they bonded and do they carry out background checks? How reliable is your company? You are busy, and you don’t have time to wait around for umpteen changes in time from your cleaning company. Ask your cleaning company how they measure their reliability, and do they have a good track record. Do you offer special projects if I need it? Is the company available to do a detail of the interior and exterior surfaces of the kitchen? How about hands and knees polishing of your dining room and dining room furniture? How about giving a good clean to your RV or boat? It is important to know that your cleaning company is available for all of your needs. Can you come out to give me a free in-home estimate? I know you are busy and may be considering skipping this step, but an in-home estimate is your opportunity to really see who will project managing your service. See whether they seem experienced, flexible, good communication, a good leader and someone you can work with for a long term relationship. No matter how frequently you are using a cleaning service, the process of finding and vetting a good service takes time, and you would rather only do it once. Royal Maid Service of Naples is licensed, bonded and insured. We carry out background check and reference checks on our employees. We are reliable and flexible. Call us now for a no obligation estimate.

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